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DEF is composed of volunteers who are passionate about supporting education in our community.  We are a nonprofit organization committed to raising funds for the purpose of enriching student learning in the Dysart Unified School District and supporting continued education for high school graduates.

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Dysart Education Foundation (DEF) was established in 1985 by employees and community members of the Dysart Unified School District. The Dysart Education Foundation was established for the purpose of raising, receiving, and disbursing funds to enrich the education and activities of students, teachers, and staff in the Dysart Unified School District. DEF is completely run by volunteers which ensures that every donation goes directly to funding scholarships and grants. Our board is comprised of retired teachers, professors, administrators, community leaders, and parents. DEF cares about our community and is dedicated to supporting our future leaders through education!

Are you passionate about supporting student education?  Do you have time, skills, or community connections that you’d like to use to help further the mission of the Dysart Education Foundation?  If so, please contact us today at general@defweb.org to learn more about volunteer opportunities.

Currently the Dysart Education Foundation supports students through providing scholarships that high school graduates from the Dysart Unified School District can use toward higher education tuition costs.  Also, each year teachers are selected through a competitive grant process to receive mini-grants for innovative classroom learning activities.  Programs like this can only be sustained through the generous contributions of the community we serve.


Individual and Business Donations

The Dysart Education Foundation is a 501(c)(3) organization and, as such, donations to the organization may be tax deductible. The Foundation relies on contributions from the Dysart community for its funding and volunteer assistance.

United Way Campaign

United Way donations can be designated specifically for the Dysart Education Foundation. In 2013, DEF raised approximately $6000 through the United Way.

Golf Tournament

The Dysart Education Foundation has raised funds in the past with an annual Golf Tournament. The date of a future golf tournament has not been determined.

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Ziah Patrick, 2017 DEF Scholarship Recipient, just checked in: "I am loving my first semester at the University of Arizona! I am very happy with my Pre-Business major and all the enriching classes I have been in. I've joined my hall council as their VP of Campus Communications along with other clubs on campus like LEAD, Eller African American Honorary, and Advocates Coming together. I am very grateful for the scholarship DEF granted me because it has allowed me to fully enjoy my college experience without worrying about making ends meet. I look forward to the rest of my freshman year!"
Please consider a donation to DEF for future scholarship recipients. There are so many more deserving students who need your assistance to continue their educations! http://defweb.org
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DEF is currently conducting its Scholarship Drive! Read more about it on the DEF Website, http://defweb.org
Here's what we hear from Jennifer Lance, 2017 Friends of the Surprise Libraries Scholarship Recipient:
Hi! I'm taking a majority of my classes online for my first semester at Estrella Mountain, which is a slight bummer, but I'm still enjoying the experience! It's interesting being able to take a variety of classes at the community college that weren't offered at my high school—like sociology. Sociology 101 would probably be my favorite class this semester, as I get to learn more about society as a whole and how we become the people that we are. I'm enjoying the challenges and demand that college is bringing, and it's a big welcome into the real world that I didn't quite get in high school.
I'm looking forward to my next few semesters at EMCC, where I'll get to take more STEM classes and truly experience the field and hopefully finding a career path that I want to follow. By getting an Associates in Science, I'm allowing myself to take more challenging classes and set myself up for a wide variety of careers for the future.
I'm incredibly grateful for the scholarship that you've provided and I wouldn't be able to do what I'm doing without it—so thank you very much!
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2017-2018 Dysart Education Foundation Board Members

Billie Laird


Donya Davis-Seay


Jack Eaton


Bill Pupo


Roy Delgado


Kristi Richards


Michelle Benham


Kristie Martorelli


Monica Dorcey


Carmen Agostinelli


Contribute to Our Mission

Large or small, your tax-deductible contribution to the Dysart Education Foundation directly affects the quality education programs. Make a donation using Paypal. A donation verification letter will be sent to the address you enter when making your donation. This letter may take up to 30 days to arrive. If you leave an email address we can email you the letter.

If choosing to donate by mail, please make sure to include all the following information when you send in your donation…

  • Your name
  • Your address, city, state and zip
  • Your phone number
  • Your tax-deductible contribution amount

Please mail to:

Dysart Education Foundation
P.O. Box 1898
Surprise, Arizona 85378-1898

Thank you for your contribution!

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For more information, please contact the members of the Dysart Education Foundation Board using the link above.  Thank you!