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DEF is composed of volunteers who are passionate about supporting education in our community.  We are a nonprofit organization committed to raising funds for the purpose of enriching student learning in the Dysart Unified School District and supporting continued education for high school graduates.

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Dysart Education Foundation (DEF) was established in 1985 by employees and community members of the Dysart Unified School District. The Dysart Education Foundation was established for the purpose of raising, receiving, and disbursing funds to enrich the education and activities of students, teachers, and staff in the Dysart Unified School District. DEF is completely run by volunteers which ensures that every donation goes directly to funding scholarships and grants. Our board is comprised of retired teachers, professors, administrators, community leaders, and parents. DEF cares about our community and is dedicated to supporting our future leaders through education!

Are you passionate about supporting student education?  Do you have time, skills, or community connections that you’d like to use to help further the mission of the Dysart Education Foundation?  If so, please contact us today at general@defweb.org to learn more about volunteer opportunities.

Currently the Dysart Education Foundation supports students through providing scholarships that high school graduates from the Dysart Unified School District can use toward higher education tuition costs.  Also, each year teachers are selected through a competitive grant process to receive mini-grants for innovative classroom learning activities.  Programs like this can only be sustained through the generous contributions of the community we serve.


Individual and Business Donations

The Dysart Education Foundation is a 501(c)(3) organization and, as such, donations to the organization may be tax deductible. The Foundation relies on contributions from the Dysart community for its funding and volunteer assistance.

United Way Campaign

United Way donations can be designated specifically for the Dysart Education Foundation. In 2013, DEF raised approximately $6000 through the United Way.

Golf Tournament

The Dysart Education Foundation has raised funds in the past with an annual Golf Tournament. The date of a future golf tournament has not been determined.

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Seth Smith, a 2014 DEF Scholarship recipient who is studying Neuroscience at BYU recently sent us an update, as follows:

"I once heard that while some say that knowledge is power, a more accurate definition would be potential power, because it is what you do with that knowledge that imbues it with the ability to change lives. I love learning, but this semester I became convinced that the true value of my education lies in the motives behind it. I could learn for myself, but that would be a lamentable loss. Instead, I can learn with the motive to bless others, and to serve God and country. With those as my driving force, the otherwise looming mountain of future semesters and final exams doesn't seem half bad."

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From Juan Martinez, DEF Scholarship winner attending the School of Engineering at ASU: "I would like to start off by saying thank you very much for the continued support. I can't stress my gratitude enough. I am truly blessed with the opportunity of having won this scholarship and having the continued support semester after semester. Thank you. I could not have been doing as good as I am in school without this support because books can get expensive, especially Physics haha. But thanks to the scholarship I was able to purchase all my books without having any worry about how I was going to pay for them.
This semester was my best one yet from which I managed to get a 4.10 GPA and not only that, two teachers wanted me to be their Undergraduate TA for the upcoming semester due to my great performance. Those classes were Macroeconomics and Microcomputer Applications for Construction. I ended up choosing the Computer one as it pertains more to my major.
I feel like that right after I am done with school I will be able to quickly have a good impact to the communities of Surprise and El Mirage area, having in my capabilities the knowledge and ability to create jobs in the construction field."

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2017-2018 Dysart Education Foundation Board Members

Billie Laird


Donya Davis-Seay


Jack Eaton


Bill Pupo


Roy Delgado


Kristi Richards


Michelle Benham


Kristie Martorelli


Monica Dorcey


Carmen Agostinelli


Contribute to Our Mission

Large or small, your tax-deductible contribution to the Dysart Education Foundation directly affects the quality education programs. Make a donation using Paypal. A donation verification letter will be sent to the address you enter when making your donation. This letter may take up to 30 days to arrive. If you leave an email address we can email you the letter.

If choosing to donate by mail, please make sure to include all the following information when you send in your donation…

  • Your name
  • Your address, city, state and zip
  • Your phone number
  • Your tax-deductible contribution amount

Please mail to:

Dysart Education Foundation
P.O. Box 1898
Surprise, Arizona 85378-1898

Thank you for your contribution!

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For more information, please contact the members of the Dysart Education Foundation Board using the link above.  Thank you!