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DEF is composed of volunteers who are passionate about supporting education in our community.  We are a nonprofit organization committed to raising funds for the purpose of enriching student learning in the Dysart Unified School District and supporting continued education for high school graduates.

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Dysart Education Foundation (DEF) was established in 1985 by employees and community members of the Dysart Unified School District. The Dysart Education Foundation was established for the purpose of raising, receiving, and disbursing funds to enrich the education and activities of students, teachers, and staff in the Dysart Unified School District. DEF is completely run by volunteers which ensures that every donation goes directly to funding scholarships and grants. Our board is comprised of retired teachers, professors, administrators, community leaders, and parents. DEF cares about our community and is dedicated to supporting our future leaders through education!

Are you passionate about supporting student education?  Do you have time, skills, or community connections that you’d like to use to help further the mission of the Dysart Education Foundation?  If so, please contact us today at general@defweb.org to learn more about volunteer opportunities.

Currently the Dysart Education Foundation supports students through providing scholarships that high school graduates from the Dysart Unified School District can use toward higher education tuition costs.  Also, each year teachers are selected through a competitive grant process to receive mini-grants for innovative classroom learning activities.  Programs like this can only be sustained through the generous contributions of the community we serve.


Individual and Business Donations
The Dysart Education Foundation is a 501(c)(3) organization and, as such, donations to the organization may be tax deductible. The Foundation relies on contributions from the Dysart community for its funding and volunteer assistance.
United Way Campaign

United Way donations can be designated specifically for the Dysart Education Foundation. In 2019, DEF raised over $6,500 through the United Way.

Amazon Smile
DEF is registered as a non-profit on Amazon Smile. Register today and select Dysart Education Foundation on the website below. When you purchase items from Amazon Smile, a small percentage of your total will be donated to DEF helping us support students and teachers in the Dysart School District. Thank you for your support!
Fry's Community Rewards

DEF is registered as a non-profit with Fry’s Food Stores. Log in to your Fry’s account, select Community Rewards then select Dysart Education Foundation or one of the high school alumni groups to support a scholarship for that school. Once you link your Card, all you have to do is shop at Fry’s and swipe your Shopper’s Card. Click here for more information about Fry’s Community Rewards.

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DEF Scholarship recipient Sawyer Boehler shared some great news with us! "The last semester of my freshman year of college was quite memorable. I was very fortunate to stand right by my sister as she finished her senior year, while cramming in every possible college experience as my school slowly started going back to normal. I am happy to share that I was able to experience a football game and one in person sorority event before I left for the summer! I am looking forward to fall semester and finally being able to go back to in person learning. Thank you DEF Scholarship Sponsors for gifting me this scholarship, as it alleviated many college expenses. I was able to focus on my academics as well as participating in volunteer opportunities. I volunteered at the state vaccination pod located on UofA's campus, while maintaining a 4.0 GPA. I am excited to begin my sophomore year this fall and explore more school related activities. I am very thankful for the support that this scholarship provides me. " ... See MoreSee Less
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DEF Scholarship recipient Calvin Henggeler is having a great time at Embry-Riddle studying computer engineering! "I finished last semester with a term GPA of 4.0. I enjoyed my classes as I had started breaking into the courses specific to my degree path and less on the core classes. Near the end I had started participating in some research/development groups though I still have much to learn in my degree track and within the projects before I can me notable contributions. Thanks to all the sponsors who have donated to allow me and all the other recipients to pursue our degrees so we can enjoy the college experience with a little less worry about what's left in our wallets. Thanks." ... See MoreSee Less
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It was so great to hear from Erikza Adamaris Piña who contacted DEF to update us about her semester at school! "My last semester at Estrella Mountain Community College went great! I was able to get all As this semester and graduate with the highest distinction for my associates in arts degree. I’m excited to share that I have been accepted into the CEP dual enrollment nursing program at EMCC for Arizona State University. This program would allow me to graduate with both my AAS and BSN degree at the same time. I look forward to starting this new chapter at ASU and being closer to reaching my goal of being a Registered Nurse. I would like to thank all the DEF Scholarship Sponsors for continuing to support my dreams for all 4 years of my college experience. I am about to begin my 3rd year of college as a nursing student this upcoming semester. I am very fortunate to have been given the opportunity to pursue my career goals debt free because of the scholarships I’ve achieved. I only hope that my academic achievements will continue to make you all proud. " ... See MoreSee Less
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2021-2022 Dysart Education Foundation Board Members

Billie Laird


Quinn Kellis


Holly Bowen


Kristi Richards


Donya Davis-Seay


Beth Simek


Michelle Watt


Bill Pupo


Jackie Edmonds


Monica Dorcey


Ken Hicks


Contribute to Our Mission

Large or small, your tax-deductible contribution to the Dysart Education Foundation directly affects the quality education programs. Make a donation using Paypal. A donation verification letter will be sent to the address you enter when making your donation. This letter may take up to 30 days to arrive. If you leave an email address we can email you the letter.

If choosing to donate by mail, please make sure to include all the following information when you send in your donation…

  • Your name
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  • Your tax-deductible contribution amount

Please mail to:

Dysart Education Foundation
P.O. Box 1898
Surprise, Arizona 85378-1898

Thank you for your contribution!

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For more information, please contact the members of the Dysart Education Foundation Board using the link above.  Thank you!